With Häfele’s Range of Appliances; cooking, baking and washing are not mere chores – they provide an experience that is almost recreational! Using a Häfele appliance brings about panache, sophistication and above all great functionality to your daily chores. It augments flexibility, co-ordination within the kitchen and can be completely compatible with the overall look and design of your kitchen cabinets.

Häfele introduces path breaking kitchen innovations in the form of designer hobs, cooker hoods, ovens, microwaves, deep fryers, barbeque grills, wine cellars, refrigerators, dishwashers and a host of laundry solutions like washing machines and dryers. Häfele’s range of appliances can be categorized under two parent brands - Häfele’s ICONIC and NAGOLD by Hafele.

Häfele brings to you leadership and authority in reigning technologies from around the world through its collection of ICONIC appliances. The Häfele ICONIC series simply symbolizes the ‘Best of the best’ and only the most exclusive and advanced products strategically procured from global leaders in the appliance technologies have been included in this range.

The NAGOLD series of home appliances constitutes the trademarked Häfele excellence in quality and functionality and is backed by a strong value proposition for the customers. Every appliance from the Nagold range is ‘future ready’ and has been carefully selected to provide you with the latest trends and technologies prevalent in the international market.

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The kitchen is the most interactive room in the house. Research states that on an average an Indian home maker spends 5-6 hours a day in the kitchen. Peripheral activities like cooking, washing and drying laundry add up to another hour or so. We at Häfele put on our thinking caps to understand how to make these mundane hours spent, the most effective and effortless hours of the day for you.

Being a German company our foremost concern has always been to offer our customers premium quality products paired with solution based services. Now, Häfele is taking this concept to the next level with the introduction of the Häfele ICONIC brand. Häfele ICONIC simply signifies the “Best of the Best” from each product category. Only the most exclusive and advanced products from Häfele’s product range have been included here so that our discerning customers are ensured that they find product excellence which leads on a global level.

Through the Häfele ICONIC brand, we introduce to you our range of super-premium luxury appliances to add a touch of grandeur and magnificence to your kitchen. These appliances have been carefully included in our range to bring you the leadership and authority in reigning technologies from around the world. They are designed to bring confidence and style to your life at home.

Cook with ease and perfection with our ICONIC range of built-in hobs from Italy and Sweden that are designed to bring you maximum flexibility together with functionality. You can divulge in the pleasure of experimental cooking with our specialized cooking solutions like deep fryers, grills or teppanyakis. Derive the unmatched benefits of holistic cooking with our smart and efficient cooking range units that integrate perfectly into the cabinetry of your cooking zone.

It’s time to get used to a kitchen that always remains free from the odours of pungent cooking residues and grime. With our ICONIC range of exquisite cooker hoods from Italy, you can now experience perfect air ventilation within your kitchen.

For cold storage of every type, our ICONIC range of cooling and refrigeration solutions from Germany cannot be matched. Be it for the convenience you derive out of using energy-saving refrigerators and freezers or specialized storage cellars for wine and cigars, we have it all. We have mapped every need you may possibly have from your cold storage units and transformed them into cutting-edge technologies through this range.

To cater to your cleaning and washing needs, our ICONIC range of stylish, space saving dishwashers, washing machines and dryers from Sweden come with innovative cleaning and drying technologies for even the largest loads while running virtually noise free.

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Refrigeration and Cooling

“ We bring to you the best in refrigeration and cooling technologies from the heart of Germany ”

We understand that your vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood or meats all require different optimum temperatures and conditions to keep them in peak fresh condition for the longest possible time. Therefore our range of refrigerators from LIEBHERR (the world leader in refrigeration and cooling solutions) provides different temperature zones with different levels of humidity – all in the same unit. This all is achieved with the most sophisticated electronics and sensor technology available today. Even in case of a power cut our LIEBHERR refrigerators and freezers can hold their optimum temperature up to 48 hours eliminating any potential loss of expensive food items. Whatever your favourite food is, we will ensure that it is kept fresh at all times and does not lose any of its nutritional values. LIEBHERR has also pioneered the technology to create innovative refrigeration storage for under counter cabinets. These units provide extra storage for your vegetables, fruits, desserts, juices and other handy essentials in the space available under your kitchen counter-top. You can now plan your kitchen storage needs in such a way that your base unit cabinets can conveniently be segregated to accommodate cooking vessels as well as delicate cold storage.

“ We provide the finest technologies to nurture and maintain your expensive collections…be it the choicest wines or worthiest cigars…! ”

Whether it is white wines, red wines or champagne, a LIEBHERR wine cellar keeps them exactly at the perfect temperature. LIEBHERR’s wine cellars feature up to 3 different temperature zones to achieve this. Humidity levels are controlled to avoid drying out of the corks and vibration is reduced to almost indiscernible levels in order to not disturb even the most sensitive wines. Apart from knowledgeable wine connoisseurs, LIEBHERR wine cellars are also the choice of restaurants and bars all over the world which want to ensure that they serve wine to their customers in perfect condition.

We have not stopped at food and wine. Our LIEBHERR Humidor also keeps the most demanding cigar aficionados happy by keeping their cigars at exactly the optimum temperature and humidity levels. Expensive cigars require careful storage so that they do not dry out or become soggy to ensure that you get the best experience from them – the LIEBHERR humidor ensures this in complete perfection.

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“When it’s about all things food – the experience of cooking counts as much…!”

Divulge in the experience of superior cooking solutions brought to you from Italy. Our series of cooking appliances from Bertazzoni are precision engineered to the highest specifications for exceptional reliability and durability. With imaginative details and good looks for which Italians are renowned, a ‘Bertazzoni’ inspires all the delights of good living at home. With this sophisticated range, we cater to every imaginable cooking style – be it the experimental style of baking, grilling and deep-frying for those special occasions or the routine style of sautéing, stir-frying and broiling for day-to-day meals. Cooking can no longer be a mundane chore; we now transform it into a recreational experience!.

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“ Enjoy the benefits of smart, feature-packed cooking appliances that make your life simple! ”

The La Germania FUTURA series of cooker ranges and built-in ovens are an extension of the Italian Bertazzoni cooking range that come with a strong value-for-money proposition. They are backed with the same expertise and technology that Bertazzoni appliances hold and offer modern and advanced applications in cooking. They have been adapted to include the latest trends in the market and yet individualized to suit your specific style of cooking. This range includes holistic cooking solutions provided to you through their smart and efficient cooker range units, gas hobs and built-in ovens.

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“ Experimental cooking is always fun…we redefine this for you making every occasion a finger-licking experience…! ”

Our comprehensive Domino range from ASKO Sweden includes a Gas Wok Hob, Induction Wok Hob, Deep Fryer and a Teppanyaki. Guaranteeing a promise in customization, our range allows you to select any or more Domino units or combine the efficiency of all four – the choice is always yours!

With an ASKO in the kitchen you’ll have perfect control and distribution of heat - the most important factor for successful cooking. ASKO gas hobs have a special wok burner with a highly concentrated flame and stable support for the wok pan, and the ASKO induction hob comes with IRIS technology that is easy to use and precise to control.

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“ The only thing you will inhale from your kitchen is the fragrance of appetizing food… ”

It’s time to get used to a kitchen that always remains free from the odours of pungent cooking residues and grime. With our exquisite range of cooker hoods from Falmec Italy, you can now experience perfect air ventilation with your kitchen.

Falmec hoods represent the absolute highest levels of functionality, yield, and duration over time. A guarantee that air in the room is clean and always purified of odours and vapours to perfection. In addition to this these hoods represent a stylish design that complements the kitchen area in a way that is in tune with the latest contemporary trends.

  • Material: Made of AISI 304 steel, a high quality material, the only one that is truly stainless, thanks to the nickel that is part of its alloy.
  • Motor: Besides the efficiency of its motors, special attention is given to noise reduction.
  • Filters: Stainless steel filters with 5 aluminium layers for a higher level of efficiency over time. It is possible to wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Special Feature: The 24h function gives you the possibility to refresh the air inside the kitchen for a better quality of the indoor spaces.

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Washing & Cleaning

“ We understand the importance of your clothes, patterns and textures and we know how best to care for them. ”

Our exclusive range of washers and dryers from ASKO eliminate the challenges of day-to-day washing needs and also exercise a sensitive approach to cleaning.

ASKO washers operate quietly without interrupting your peace and solitude. They are sturdier and quieter than conventional washers and operate for a longer service life. Characterized by its sustained high spin speed and Active Drum technology which dexterously pushes the gentler clothes to the centre for a gentle wash and the heavier clothes to the sides, ASKO’s range of washers ensures the best washing experience.

ASKO’s smart and efficient dryers ensure smooth, quick and safe drying of your clothes while you attend to your daily chores. ASKO’s innovative butterfly drying system ensures gentle crease-free drying of laundry. The trademarked SensiDry technology helps increase efficiency and saves energy and time. Stability and a long service life are guaranteed by the use of stainless steel drums and a brushless induction motor.

“ Leave behind the hassles of endless dish-washing…our smart and efficient dishwashers will do it for you! ”

To ease-out your cleaning and washing needs in the kitchen, we introduce our range of fully-integrated dishwashers from ASKO, Sweden.

Longevity is guaranteed in our range of dishwashers by ASKO’s trademarked 8Steel process where the 8 most essential parts of the dishwasher are made of steel. Efficiency is a given, owing to the 8Spray technology which enables water to reach the corner most areas. The patented SCS technology (super cleaning system) certifies for an A grade overall washing performance.

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Nagold By Hafele

Häfele presents to you its new generation of international home appliances under the Nagold series. The Nagold series of home appliances constitutes the trademarked Häfele excellence in quality and functionality and is backed by a strong value proposition for our customers.

Named after the town of ‘Nagold’ in Germany from where Häfele hails, this range represents the prominent commercial value that Germans are known for – providing quality at par excellence! By bringing these standards of excellence to India through the Nagold range, we now create the opportunity for you to enjoy pure functionality and every possible convenience in your homes. Every appliance from the Nagold range is ‘Future Ready’ and has been carefully selected to provide you with the latest trends and technologies prevailing in the international markets. We have also spent valuable time and effort into putting these home appliances under the most stringent of testing procedures to ensure that they exceed all performance standards and meet every possible technical parameter.

Enjoy the benefits of an efficient and smart kitchen with Häfele’s Nagold range of international home appliances that give your family a fresh, healthy and clean lifestyle!

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Cooking & Baking

Built-in Hobs:

Durability> Efficiency> Safety best describe Häfele Nagold’s range of built-in Gas Hobs that are easy to operate and meet all your cooking requirements with unmatched functionality!

Nagold’s built-in Gas Hobs are made of Black Tempered Crystal Glass or Non-corrosive Grade of Stainless Steel – the choice is with you to select the one that best matches the elegance of your kitchen. Equipped with the latest technologies in the market, these hobs come with the auto-ignition function and an in-built safety device that prevents the leakage of gas during any eventuality of the extinguishment of the burner flame. They are built into the kitchen counter leaving no risk of food residues collecting underneath – with Nagold’s range of built-in hobs, you can now say no to unwanted accumulated bacteria or pest attacks! Once installed, they are easy to maintain – all you have to do is wipe them clean with a wet sponge after every cooking cycle. The Nagold series of built-in hobs look great, cook faster and remain with you for a long time!

Built-in Ovens:

Nagold’s range of built-in electric and combi microwave ovens offer you a host of contemporary cooking options; making your cooking experience recreational and fun!

Grilling, baking, steaming or heating are only a few among the host of the cooking functions available in our range of built-in ovens under the Nagold series. Microwave cooking with Nagold’s range of ovens is now not only quick and healthy but with its new, improved technology cooking is now also more precise as it is electronically regulated. What’s more is that with our model of combi-ovens you can now enjoy the utility of grilling and convection cooking from the same appliance!

The range of electric ovens come in combinations or 7 or 11 independent cooking functions to choose from; what’s more is that this smart range now allows you to save your cooking settings for repeated cycles. Made of high grade stainless steel, these ovens are highly durable and look elegant, adding a classy, futuristic look to your kitchens!

Built-in Barbeque & Deep Fryer :

Now extend your culinary experiments to occasional barbequing and frying for those special occasions with Nagold’s smart and efficient Built-in Barbeque and Deep Fryer!

Made of high quality stainless steel these cooking appliances fit smugly into your kitchen counter top providing the elegance of style along with the much desired variations in cooking. The integrated front knob allows you can regulate your cooking or barbequing. As always, this range of Nagold appliances come with the latest market technologies - the deep fryer is equipped with an oil temperature lamp set by a thermostat and the barbeque boasts of a removable enameled griddle and lava stone. So add these futuristic trends of modern cooking to your range and enjoy the true bliss of entertaining your guests with finger-licking delicacies – let your kitchen be the envy of every eye!

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Cooker Hoods:

Nagold’s highly efficient and stylish range of cooker hoods free your kitchen from unwanted and unhealthy cooking smoke and residues; all that’s left to sniff is the welcoming fragrance of appetizing delicacies!

The Nagold series of cooker hoods are designed with extended suction capacities that take away the rigid and pungent odour of even Indian cooking. Made of high grade stainless steel and available in different designs and finishes, this comprehensive range of cooker hoods caters to all possible mounting options - wall mounted, counter mounted or island mounted; you can choose the one that best matches your need and kitchen layout. They are easy to install and once they find a suitable place in your kitchen, the Nagold cooker hoods require only basic and effortless cleaning!

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Built-in Dishwashers

To complete your kitchen needs with an element of spic-n-span hygiene, we introduce our range of built-in dishwashers under the Nagold series – you can now live a hassle-free, recreational kitchen experience leaving our machines to sort out the back-work for you!

Nagold’s energy efficient built-in dishwashers come as a respite to your cleaning chores in the kitchen; they look sleek and fit smartly into your kitchen cabinetry and work with a silent efficiency - you could almost be oblivious to their operation! Extremely hygienic and diligent, these dishwashers sweep your dishes clean off any food residue or bacteria there by reducing the risk of illness. With an advanced mechanism and improved technology, Nagold’s dishwashers are trained to remove even the most rigid masala stains often left behind by aggressive Indian cooking. They are sensitive to different vessel materials and minimize the risk of breakages in a given cleaning cycle; and the child-lock feature makes these appliances child-proof when left unattended. These appliances come with a dual zone feature which allows you to place sensitive crockery in the upper shelf even while operating on a half-load capacity – a functionality which most dishwashers in the market do not provide!

You can now add the advantage of style and convenience to your kitchens with the Nagold series of built-in dishwashers!

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